Chubby Sticks for Lips

Hey guys, Jay here. The other night as I was rummaging through my collection I spotted a few lip products that went by the description of chubby sticks. So as I had a few I wanted to tell you guys about them. I hope you enjoy!

Starting with the boldest of the bunch. The Clinique Chubby Stick Intense balms are the more pigmented and bold version of the regular Clinique Chubby Sticks. These balms are very pigmented and nourishing. The feel very comfortable on the lips and give sheeny finish to the lips. I love these because they are like a more comfortable lipstick because it's a balm formula. It's also great because it doesn't dry out the lips. Though I'm not too much of a Bold Lip kind of girl but these are great! You can easily sheer them out if you don't like their bold pigmentation.

My favorite would have to be the Tarte Lip Surgence Lip Tint. This is a great sheer lip color that is also a balm formula. This one is more for me as it just adds a bit of color. They are also very nourishing to the lips. I only have a mini one as I got it in a set, though I'm definitely am going to pick up another on my next run to Sephora.

I no, I no this one has no color. But everyone can appreciate a nice no color balm on the lips. The Annabelle Lipsies is a great balm that is easy to apply to the lips. It's great for those No Makeup Makeup days when you are just looking for a nice shine to those puckers. I love the feeling it gives to the lips and I would recommend checking these out, as I'm sure they have more colors because it has a fantastic formula!

What are your favorite chubby sticks for your lips?

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