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Hey guys, Jay here. One store I love to go into is The Body Shop. Ranging from body products, skincare and makeup. I've accumulated a bit of products from the store and really wanted to review them for you guys! Enjoy!

Starting with body products I love everything I've tried. And the best part from the body ranges is the scents. All smelling amazing! Onto the products I've tried the Body Butters which are great moisturizers a bit thicker than a average lotion and work great if you are looking for more nourishment. They are thicker as I said so they do take a bit longer to sink in, but it doesn't make much of a difference.

If you are looking for a thinner consistency lotion I would go for their Body Lotions or Body Milks. Both very moisturizing but are thinner and sink in more quickly!

Their Shower Gels are also great! The lather nicely and clean the body, getting rid of any smells or germs! The scents also linger for a bit so it's nice!

Skincare wise I haven't tried much though I am definitely going to try more! I love their Tea Tree Oil! Great spot treatment for blemishes. You can easily apply it to a Q-Tip and onto to the spot and it works fairly quickly.

Like skincare I've haven't tried much makeup though what I have tried I liked! The Body Shop All in One Cheek Color Shades are great blushes! They are very soft with fairly good pigment and pay off onto the skin. They have lovely natural shades! I'll be sure to try more!

What are your favorite products from The Body Shop?

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