Uses for Angled Liner Brush

Hey guys, Jay here. With brushes you don't always have to find one use for them. They can all be multi purpose. Like you could use a blush brush for powder or a eyeshadow brush for concealer. Today I'm going to tell you about the many uses you can use for an angled eyeliner brush. Enjoy!

First and foremost you can use an angled liner brush for eyeliner. Whether it's gel, liquid or a eyeshadow you can use a angle liner brush to apply your eyeliner. From wings to a thin line across the lid the liner brushes work great for applying liner.

Another common use for the brush is for filling in your eyebrows. Easily dipping the brush into brow powders or eyeshadows and applying the shades to your brows to fill them in. The liner brush is great because you can easily define and shape your brows.

Like a lip brush you can use a liner brush for lining your lips. You can nicely define the lips and outline them because of the dense hairs and angled tip.

What do you use angled eyeliner brushes for?

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