Getting into Blush

Hey guys, Jay here. Since I've started using makeup I've never really been much of a Blush wearer. I've always been afraid of applying too much and looking like a clown. But I picked up my first powder blush recently and have been loving using it.

Blush can transform your whole face. Brighten it up or give it some color and shine. Lately I've been playing around with a bit of blush and have really been liking it! I picked up two blushes and have been wearing them on their own or as a duo.

If I'm going for a more neutral and subtle look I love wearing The Body Shop All in One Cheek Color in Cherryade. A perfect natural mauve blush shade that's matte so it just give some subtle color with no shine. It has good pay off but isn't too pigment in one application to the cheeks, though I like it because you can easily build up the color to your liking.

If I'm going for a look with some more shimmer and shine I will pair my Body Shop blush with my Covergirl Cheekers blush in Soft Sable. The shade definitely has some shimmer to it! It gives a nice highlight to the skin to brighten it up and the shade is fairly neutral.

What are your favorite blushes?

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