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Hey guys, Jay here. For this week I thought I would do a little bit of a different post. Seeing as us Bloggers are always on the internet (well you must be right now if your reading this), I wanted to tell you guys about some favorite blogs, YouTube channels, shows or apps that have been taking up my time in the week. Hope you enjoy.

I will admit, I am addicted to Netflix. I swear one minute I'm on episode one and the next thing I know I'm almost done the season. A few weeks ago I found a show that I really have been liking. The show is New Girl. It's practically a comedy about a girl rooming with 3 boys, and the fun things that happen in their crazy lives. It's really addicting and I'm already on season 2!!

I've always been jealous of those amazing instagram accounts with the artsy bright pictures and white backgrounds. Seeing as I love taking pictures I thought I would start posting a bit more on my instagram. I mean my pictures aren't even close to being as good as those stunning instagram accounts I was talking about before, but I think it's a start. I've really have been liking posting pictures on my instagram. Feel free to give me a follow @within_jays_life

For blogs I have been really loving the blog Lady Liquor. I love Catherines interior and beauty posts. The interior design posts really inspire me to do more in my room and I love her photos. Also her beauty posts want me to run to the store and buy everything she mentioned. I also have been loving the blog Ugne and Co. I found her blog about a month ago and have been reading it ever since. Her blog is a great mix of fashion, lifestyle and some beauty.

YouTube wise I have discovered the channel Jessica Beautician. Jessica also has a beauty blog (that I love), but her channel is 10 times better because you can actually see and hear her talk and get a feel of who she actually is outside of the words on the screen. I love her Weekly Vlogs, (I've seen them all), and  her beauty videos too. I could watch her videos over and over again for hours. (I might have already did that).

What have you been loving on the internet recently?

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