Getting Away from Electronics

Though I definitely enjoy scrolling through Instagram or binge watching Netflix shows, I think it's important to balance out time spent on and off electronics. Our world has come to be so reliant on technology and consumed of what it is that some of us can't even go short periods of time without checking our phone even! Me and a lot of the people of this world are becoming addicted to it and it's crucial that we spend time away from it. I wanted to share some ideas of things you can do instead.

Writing- When I was younger I used to write in my little journals but it wasn't really anything other than maybe what I did at school or who my best friends were. But recently with seeing all my empty journals I wanted to put them to use. I find writing is a great therapy tool for me with writing about my emotions and how I'm just generally feeling about life. I tend to be a person who keeps it on the inside and doesn't like to talk about my issues with people so writing is a great outlet for me to let out how I feel and put it into words. If you're ever feeling overwhelmed with life, I would highly recommend just sitting how and writing about it. You will feel so much better

Read- I'm trying to get more into it than I am but I actually really enjoy reading. I think many people just tend to not spend time reading because they think they don't have enough time or they just can't find the right book for them. But even if you spend 10-15 minutes out of your day or even before you go to bed reading a book it's a great way to relax your mind and is beneficial to the brain.

Photography- I mean we all want a bumpin Instagram feed, why not take some time to take some photos. I personally love photography and taking photos so this is a way for me to express my creativity. I mean we live on such a beautiful planet, I doubt that it will be very difficult to find something to take a photo of. Maybe you go for a walk and take some photos of buildings or nature!

Talking- We spend so much time texting or snapchatting people for communication, but what's so wrong about actually talking to those people face to face and engaging in conversation with them. Build relationships!!

Music- Whether it is listening to music, playing music on a instrument or even just singing to music I think music is a great way to bring people together, express yourself, engage in your talents and just have a good time.

Draw/Paint- I'm not much of a one to draw or paint because I don't think I'm that talented in that area, but for those of you that do have a strong skill in this area I  think it's a great way to distance yourself from the media.

Adventure- It's good to experience things that maybe you wouldn't have always experienced otherwise. Research things in your town and visit different places you haven't been to. Or even just go for a walk around your area or go for a hike through a trail. It's nice to be in nature.

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