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I've never been too much of an "Athletic" person. I like being active don't get me wrong, I've just never been the girl to play all the sports ever since I was a kid. I tried so many sports as a kid and always ended up quitting them all. I participated in soccer, basketball, volleyball. ballet, swimming and gymnastics and ended up quitting all except volleyball which I still love! Because I don't do all kinds of sports I wanted to find a form of exercise that was easy and enjoyed (somewhat at least).

Running has been an activity I've been doing a lot for the past months! Whether it's on the treadmill or outside running I've been enjoying jogging. I wanted to share a few tips that help me while I'm running.

Definitely should be keeping hydrated while running by drinking lots of water, and especially cold water to cool you down. Whenever I drink water while I'm running I get a instant boost.

The most important tip to help you run for longer and father is to pace your breathing. I can't even describe to you how important breathing is to running. A great way to pace your breathing is to create a breathing pattern. The one I use is to breath in through my nose twice and out through my mouth once! It's life changing I'm telling you!

Just like your breath you need to pace your speed. If you start running too fast you will get tired more quickly and not be able to run as long. I would say just start with a light jog and wherever your body naturally goes to for it's speed would probably be a good speed for you. If your getting tired really fast then try slowing down your speed, or if you feel like your getting bored or going too slow you could try speeding up your speed.

I don't know about you guys, but I can't run without listening to either some face pace music, a show or some Youtube videos. I would make a playlist with your either favorite songs, upbeat songs or songs that make you wanna dance! It will help pass time and take up your energy. 

Your attire while running is also very important! First make sure you have proper running shoes that fit and are suitable for your feet. This prevents injuries and overall makes for a better running experience. For clothing you should be wearing light or thin attire so you can move more easily. I love to wear either leggings or shorts that are usually spandex material and a tank top or thin tshirt. 

What are your running tips?

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