MAC Hand Me Down

Hey guys, Jay here. Recently a family friend handed me down one of her little MAC pallets that she wasn't using anymore and wanted me to have. As I'm only a student and don't have too much money to be going around and spending money on MAC makeup I was super excited to receive this pallet! So today I wanted to show you guys!

The pallet is a custom made quad from MAC, so it includes 4 full sized MAC eyeshadows. The quad is called Burmese Beauty though I don't think you can buy it in stores anymore because it was in a limited edition collection called Fabulous Felines. It includes the shades Prized, Burmese Beauty, Skintone 2 and Showstopper. The shadows are beautiful shades and are very pigmented. I'm so excited I got this pallet and can't wait to tell you guys about it!

What are your favorites from MAC?

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