Summer Essentials

Hey guys, Jay here. Summers here, and because of thechanging season there are some essentials we need to have to keep up with the summer months. Hope you enjoy!

As the temperature will be rising we will be getting really hot and heat=sweat. So to cool off I always like to have my Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray to cool me off. A quick spritz of some cold water always helps for me to keep cool.

Not only does the heat equal sweat but it also equals sun exposure. Nobody likes sunburns so always make sure you are wearing sunscreen to protect your skin. Also lip balms with SPF are great because your skin isn't the only thing that can get a sunburn. I love my EOS Lip Balms because they have SPF 15!

With wearing flip flops you have to make sure your nails are painted so a bright colored nail polish is always an essential. I love the Salon Hansen Nail Polish in Kook-A-Mango! I love nail polish in general so if anyone wants a post on summer nail polishes comment below!

In the summer I try not to apply heat to my hair so beachy waves and buns are always my go to! I love to use the Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Spray. It creates effortless beachy waves and smells amazing!

What are your summer essentials?

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