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Hey guys, Jay here. I noticed the other day that I haven't done a post on hair or hair products in a while, so I thought I would rummage through my hair drawer and pick out a few of my favorite hair products. Hope you enjoy!

One of my all time favorite hair products that I've been using for year is the Marc Anthony Morrocco Argan Oil. I love to apply this oil to the ends of my hair to keep them nourished and prevent any split ends. It also smells amazing and works great!

After receiving the Marrakesh Endz Split End Mender and Preventer in my ipsy bag probably a year ago I've used it almost every time I've washed my hair. This split end cream works amazingly on my hair to prevent split ends. I'm always getting compliments on how healthy my hair looks and this product would have to be one of the reasons why it looks so good.

If I'm ever having one of those nights where I want to put my hair into two little braid and sleep on it so I can wake up to some nice beachy waves, I always use the Organix Moroccan Curling Perfection Cream. It's a cream formula that you spread throughout your damp hair to help define curls and waves and to help prevent frizz. It works great and also helps prevent damage to your hair.

What products do you like to use on your hair?

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