Making your Shadows Last

Hey guys, Jay here. The most annoying thing is coming home to look in the mirror and the eyeshadow that you spent all your time on perfecting has creased and disappeared. There are a few tricks and ways you can stop this from happening and today I'm going to tell you guys how. Enjoy!

 The most common thing to use is usually a primer. These formulas are made to prolong the wear of your eyeshadow . The formulas are usually a cream or thicker liquid that come in many different shades and colors, from skin tone to cover discoloration in your eyes to colors that blend in with your look.

Cream shadows are great bases for eye shadows. Especially ones with color because they help go with your eye look. They also have cream shadows with skin tone shades so so you can create any look over top.

Set your cream shadows or go over you lids with a translucent powder or cream colored skin tone shade. This is to set the cream or eyes so that your shadows will blend more easily and look nicer!

What do you do to make you eyeshadows last longer?

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