Beauty Uses for Vaseline

Hey guys, Jay here. Whether you are young or old or anywhere in between, I'm sure you have a tub of Vaseline in your cabinet or drawers. Vaseline is a awesome multi purpose product, and today I wanted to highlight a few things I use it for.

You could say it's kind of like a balm cleanser from it's balmy texture, but instead of a cleanser it's a remover for eye makeup. All you need is a small scoop then distribute it evenly between two hands and apply to the eyes rubbing in circular motions. Don't be alarmed when you look in the mirror. You may look like a raccoon. Easily just follow up with a damp warm wash cloth and the product will easily glide off, leaving you with a clean eyelid.

A very common use for Vaseline, but using it on your lips when they are dry is perfect. It's the same or even better than any lip balm or chap. It heals dry lips so fast. You could also apply it to the lips in the form of a lip gloss if you don't have one on hand. It quickly adds a subtle amount of shine and it moisturizes them at the same time.

Continuing on the theme of moisturizing, you can also use Vaseline as a hand or body moisturizer, It's great for nourishing the skin.

What do you use Vaseline for?

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