"No Makeup" Base

Hey guys, Jay here. As you may tell from the title today I'm going to be telling you guys about my "No Makeup" Base. So practically the natural base I use for a "No Makeup" kind of look. I hope you enjoy!

I'm not to much of a foundation wearer but sometimes it's nice to even out the completion or cover up a spot. And recently I've found the perfect "No Makeup" base for me that's even a bargain!! Or you could say this is my foundation routine.

What I use is the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation. I think it practically says it in the name. I mean "Nearly Naked". That seems pretty natural to me. The foundation is very light on the skin and gives a light to medium coverage that evens out the skin tone. The formula blends in nicely to the skin and gives a more dewy look to the face. It's also from the drugstore so it's fairly cheap!

I don't tend to like to wear the foundation all over the face as I don't like the feeling and I don't have very problematic skin and for the most part clear, so I tend to use trick of "Spot Concealing". If you don't know what spot concealing is it's where you use the foundation only in areas of the face where it's needed. It's great for letting your natural complexion and flush to the skin shine through. I tend to use it on any problem areas like blemishes, redness or under my eyes for dark circles. I love this trick so much and I would definitely recommend you try it out if you don't have too many problems with your skin.

The brush I love to use it with is the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush- Starter Set. It is a small eye brush that's great for blending or buffing out the foundation in smaller areas of the face and getting a nice coverage. It is especially great for under the eyes. The shape is kind of the same as the Buffing Brush, though it is like the baby or smaller version of it. It's overall great.

What do you use for your "No Makeup" Base?

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