My Beauty Resolutions

Hey guys, Jay here. In the New Year everyone talks about goals or resolutions they have in their life. But today I wanted to talk about some resolutions I have with my makeup or beauty related things. Hope you enjoy!

1. Moisturize my body Morning, Day and Night
2. Experiment with eyeliner and wearing it more
3. Practice doing eyeshadow
4. Wear more lip products
5. Wash my face every morning and night no matter what
6. Learn to wax my own eyebrows
7. Change up my nail polish color
8. Learn how to do a french braid more in depth
9. Grow my hair to my butt (almost there)
10. Splurge on the Mac 217
11. Use up all my lotions and body washes
12. Find the perfect skincare routine and focus more on it
13. Don't pick at blemishes

What are your Beauty Resolutions?

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