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Hey guys, Jay here. A few weeks ago I did a post similar to a brand focus and really enjoy making it. If you don't know what a Brand Focus is, it's when you pick one brand and take some of the products you have used from that brand and review them. I hope you guys enjoy!

"Maybe it's Maybelline". I'm sure you've heard that slogan hundreds of times before from TV and Youtube ads (yes I am singing it in my head right now too), and today I'm going to be talking about the products I tried from the line behind that slogan.

I've tried a few eye products from Maybelline but my favorites would probably have to be their color tattoos.The Maybelline Color Tattoos are extremely pigmented cream shadows that last all day and look great on their own or as a base. I find they can sometimes be a bit shimmery if you apply too much, but you can easily blend it out with a brush or with your finger tips. I have the shades Bad to the Bronze and Chocolate Suede and they are both gorgeous. Leave your favorite shades in the comments!

Onto liners I've tried two from the line. Those being the Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner and the Maybelline Master Precise Felt tip liner. I haven't used the Gel liner too many times, but my overall thoughts on it is that it's a pretty good gel liner. I would recommend to use a small liner brush then wet it to help with application. The product glides easily across the lid, though use a steady hand as sometimes the line is a bit uneven. And for the felt tip liner, it is a great eyeliner, one of my favorites from the drugstore. It has a nice pointed nib and you can easily draw a perfect line across the lid. It's not as good as my Kat Von D liner, but what really is?

As these are what I apply last when applying my makeup, I will talk about them last as well. Maybelline has some great lip products in their line, but today I'm just going to talk about two. Starting with my favorite out of the two, the Maybelline Color Elixir in Caramel Infused. These elixirs are like creamy glosses  with a little bit more color. I love caramel infused as it is a perfect nude or M.L.B.B shade. The elixirs are not sticky at all and have huge color range, so you will easily be able to find your perfect shade.

I recently featured this in my 3 Things to Try from the Drugstore post, and if you read it you would remember me talking about the Maybelline Electric Baby Lips in Pink Shock. I'm sure you've heard of Baby Lips before, but this one is from the electric line. Is is a bright neon pink, though because it's more of a lip balm is only gives very subtle color. Perfect for the spring months.

What are your favorite products from Maybelline? 

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