Best Winter Moisturizers

Hey guys, Jay here. During these cold winter months the dry and cold air really dries out our skin. I personally already have dry skin so my hands sometimes feel like sandpaper when I don't have on cream. So today I thought I would show and tell you guys about my favorite moisturizers for preventing and handling dry skin this winter season. Hope you enjoy!

Like I said I have dry skin already and I really like these products. The first moisturizer I've been loving is the L'occitane Lavender Hand Cream. This hand cream has a very light and fast absorbing formula, which is great because I hate getting that sticky and greasy feeling on my hands. The moisturizer is very nourishing and really gives your skin a smooth and silky feeling and texture. Which is great for my sandpaper hands, LOL. It contains lavender and shea butter which I love because the lavender gives a light natural scent to the hands, and the shea butter is in many moisturizers and is great for nourishing the skin.

This moisturizer is a great all around or body lotion that gives an extremely smooth finish to the skin and a adds a nice scent. As a plus the store that makes this product is against animal testing and all products from the store have no animal testing, which is absolutely amazing. The moisturizer is the Lush Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion. Like I said this is a great moisturizer that conditions your skin, though when you purchase the Charity Pot all proceeds go to small organizations who who work with environmental, animal welfare and human rights issues. Like for example my container says that every 15 seconds children die from dirty drinking water and by purchasing this you will help by harvesting rain to help prevent these deaths. Be sure to pick one up if you ever are at the Lush store.

What is your favorite winter moisturizer? 

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