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Hey guys, Jay here. Personally I have some crazy eyebrows, especially if it's been a little too long since a wax. So today I'm going to tell you guys about the things I use to try and keep my eyebrows looking good until my next wax. Hope you enjoy, and a shoutout to those girls with crazy eyebrows like me!!
First things first I brush out my eyebrow hairs too tell which ones are strays. All I use it a old mascara wand that I cleaned off, and it works just the same as a spooly. I would highly recommend trying it out because it's so much cheaper. Next time you run out of your mascara, don't throw it out. Save it and just wash it off in the sink, let it dry and WALA.

Next after I have brushed out the brows I move onto removing those pesky strays that everyone hates. All I do is take my Tweezers on the pointed end and look for any stray hairs there may be and pluck them out in the direction your hairs grow, (that makes it hurt less). After I've given them a little clean up I go to the middle between my brows and tweeze out any small hairs and then I'm good to go. Just don't start tweezing too early after you get them done because they may take a little bit of time to grow out and they're not thick or long enough yet to tweeze. And always remember. DON'T TWEEZE TOO MUCH.

Lastly I brush out my brows again and look at the front part of my brows to look for any uneven or long hairs. Once I find them I take my small scissors and go with the curve of my eyebrows to get a natural shape. I would stress that you be very careful in this step or any step at all.

I hope this helped you with the grooming of your brows!

What do you use to tame your brows? 

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