Pretty Polishes: Holiday Edition

Hey guys, Jay here. I was doing my nails the other night and thought I would do something a bit more artistic. So I got out my little Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art kit and made up my own design. I thought today I would show you what it came out like, because I really enjoy it. I hope you enjoy too!
It all started with one coat of the gorgeous China Glaze Polish in "So Blue Without You". It's a beautiful teal blue with some shimmer and a nice gleam to it. The color really gives a winter and snowflake kind of feel.

All I did to create the look was take the smallest brush in the kit and paint a stripe down the middle, and then took my dotting tool and made dots along the edges of each side of the line. It came out better than I expected and would totally recommend you try it out too!!

What nail polish have you been loving?

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