Nail Care Routine

Hey guys, Jay here. Nails aren't always for painting. You have to take care of them so they look good for the polish. Today I thought I would tell you guys what I use to keep my nails healthy.

I usually do this once or twice a month. Feel free to do this as much as you would like.

The first thing I do is cut my nails if they need to be cut so they're not too too long, and to make sure I keep them clean because dirt always gets stuck under my nails, it's a reality.

Next thing I do is file my nails with a nail file to give them some shape and even them out, because sometimes one side of your nail is longer than the other from chipping or cutting them unevenly.

The next thing I do is use my nail buffer to buff my nails. This really just smooths out your nails. Though you shouldn't do this too often because it's not good for your nails. This is also great for creating a smooth surface for painting.

Last thing I do is apply cuticle oil to my nails to nourish them. I apply one drop to one of my nails and spread it out between all my nails and cuticles. A little really does go a long way. After I have spread the oil to all my nails, I go one by one through each nail and rub the oil in all over my nails and cuticles until the oil feels like it has all rubbed in.

What do you use for your Nail Care Routine?

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