A Few of my Favorites

Hey guy, Jay here. Don't you just love favorites posts. I know I do. It's a great way for me to see new products that people have been loving. So today I thought I would do that for you guys. Hope you enjoy.
Nyx Eye shadow in "Iced Mocha"
I was looking for this eye shadow trough the drugstore isle trying to find it for months now. Then finally out of know where I was just looking through the eye shadows and there it was."My mouth dropped as I read "ICED MOCHA" on the label. I love this eye shadow because it give a nice shin to your eyelids, and it really glows when it catches the light. It's a nice bronzed gold color, that is perfect for a everyday look.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter
I'm sure you have heard of this body butter before. I know I did. The smell really gets you. It smells soooooo good. All I can say is if you're ever at the Body Shop just smell it. Just thank me later. This body butter doesn't only smell amazing it works amazing too. It is a body butter so it will be a bit thicker of consistency, but in my world the the thicker the better, because the more thick it is, the more moisturizing it is, and let me tell you it sure is moisturizing. It makes your skin so smooth and it's great for this season because of the colder weather your ski will become more dry. It's great for applying after the shower when you're moisturizing and just for moisturizing on the go. I also find that it sinks in fairly fast for a body butter. Over all I give it a big thumbs up.

Michelle Phan Makeup Book
I picked this book up at the store this month and I absolutely love it. The book starts out with a autobiography about Michelle and her life from child hood to now. It also includes tips and tricks for makeup and fashion. Which is great for a blogger like me. I would definitely recommend this book. You will for sure learn a thing or two.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
I've had this one for a little bit now and have loved it since the beginning, though I have seemed to be loving it more this month. This is a great dry shampoo for giving for locks a little refresh if you haven't washed it in a couple days and don't have the time to wash it, but I love about it is that it gives some volume and umph to your hair. Especially when I straighten my hair and it's looking a little flat. I personally have only tried the original one though I have heard good things about the other types, about their scents and the volume they give

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