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Hey guys, Jay here. I haven't done a monthly favorites post in a while, though this time instead of a monthly favorites I thought I would do my all time favorites of specific products I love all the time. I hope you enjoy!

I love playing around with eyeshadow and my favorite brush to use for that is my Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush. I've mentioned this brush before and I absoulutley love it! It's the perfect all rounder eyeshadow brush as you can use it for applying color in the crease or all over the lid. I can really do a whole eye look with it. It's a fluffy blending brush that is slightly dense. It easily picks up product and blends it on the lid. Has to be my favorite!

I'm not much of a lip gloss girl but I'm starting to get more into it! My favorite lip gloss would have to be the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 06. I love this gloss because it is such a neutral color and the formula doesn't even feel like a gloss. It's not sticky at all and it is so comfortable on the lips. I would definitely pick up a shade if I were you!

As I said earlier I love playing around with eyeshadow! There are so many amazing shades and formulas that you can create stunning looks. Out of all my eyeshadow palettes one that really stands out, is my Naked 2 Palette. The shades in the palette are gorgeous. You can do anything from a neutral eye to a smokey. The shades are extremely pigmented and creamy and look even better on the lids.

I'll tell you one thing, I'm not a eyeliner pro but I sure do love to do it! Seeing as I'm not amazing at it the product that seems easiest for me is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. This is a liquid liner in the form of a felt tip, though instead it has a brush applicator making it was easier to use. The brush is finely tipped so it's easy to create a even straight line across the lid as it's a brush and moves with the shape of your lid. The color is very BLACK though it isn't matte, it has more of a shiny look. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a great, easy to use liquid liner!

I'm not like most bloggers in the sense that I don't use micellar waters to remove my makeup. I've just never had the chance to pick them up. Though last time when I needed a new remover I picked up the Clean and Clear Makeup Dissolving Foaming Cleanser. It's a foam formula that you pump out of the lid and massage around the areas you have makeup. It quickly dissolves any makeup on the face so you can easily just rinse or wash it off. It isn't irritating to the eyes at all,though one downfall to it is that it's a bit drying but it's nothing a moisturizer can't fix!

What are your favorites?

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