A Rimmel Review

Hey guys, Jay here. Though we all love those high end luxury brands drugstores have much to offer to from their brands too,and one of my favorite brands is Rimmel. I've tried a few things from the brand and today I wanted to take some time to review them. I hope you enjoy.

The first product I've ever got from Rimmel was their 60 Second Nail Polish. They have a great formula. I love it because as it says in the name it drys in 60 seconds, which is a life saver because I'm totally one of those girls that spends forever doing their nail polish and ends up smudging it because I didn't wait long enough for it to dry. The polishes have a gorgeous color range and can be applied usually in 1 or sometimes 2 coats and lasts pretty long without chipping.

My favorite from the brand would hands have to be their Eyeshadow Paints. I've talked about them before in my Testing Liquid Shadows post. They're great to apply all over the lid or apply a little and blend it out with a brush. They look gorgeous alone or paired with other shadows.
One thing I haven't enjoyed from the brand is their Quads. I'm not sure if they all have this formula though the one I tried I do not like. Though they are pretty shades in the pan they aren't very pigmented and don't transfer well on the lids, especially as that color. The shades have a weird orange undertone and look when you apply them to the lids and it isn't too cute. I would not recommend this product or at least this product in this shade. 

As their Pencil Liners are a great formula I didn't pick up the right shade. I picked up the nude liner and I'm afraid it is too light and doesn't suit my skin tone. Though because they are very creamy and pigmented I would recommend them, though I am going to pick up a new shade soon so I can try it out more. Maybe a black or brown!

Last but not least I really like their Cream Shadow Sticks. Again I only have one shade but they are definitely worth picking up another. I have the shade Bad Girl Bronze which is a pretty bronze shade. The shadows are so creamy and blendable. Great for when your on the go and can't do a complete eye look, or don't have enough time to use your hands.

What do you like from Rimmel?

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