Giving Time For Yourself

I would strongly call myself a perfectionist.  As much as I want to change this about myself, I want to be really honest and say that it's tiring trying to make everything perfect and stressing if it's not. I guess this is just something in my personality that I have to live with. But even if your not a perfectionist,  I would say a lot of us, if not all are hard workers or need a break from time to time. I'm telling you loud and clear that REST IS IMPORTANT, and some of us need a reminder of that every once in a while. Sooo today I wanted to stress to every last one of you how important time to yourself is!!

As much as time with others is needed, time for yourself is needed as well. Lets be real in saying that time that is set aside just for you to spend time with just you feels nice. You don't have to worry about keeping up a conversation, getting work done or even how you look, because the only person you have to impress is yourself. It's great! Don't lie, you love it too. You love a day for you. A "Me Day". It's my one of my favourite days by far. Something I can always look forward to after a long action packed week!

What do we do with this time by ourselves you may ask. Our society on some ends is just so GO GO GO, and people forget how to just sit down and do nothing. It can get so boring. Though if anyone was wondering on some things to do when spending time with yourself, or just things to do to feel relaxed. I wanted to share some things I do.

  • SLEEP IN  The small amount of sleep you get from those late nights and early mornings isn't going to give you energy forever. You need a refuel. 
  • PHYSICAL MOVEMENT  I can always enjoy going for a short jog or walk in the mornings after I wake up to just distract my thoughts from my day to day stresses. Brings my attention to somewhere else and starts my day off right. 
  • HAVE A GOOD BREAKFAST We all have to eat do we not!? Can't skip out on this one. I find that making sure I begin my day with breakfast helps my mood. It's a day for you so have your favourite breakfast! PB banana toast is my breakfast of choice. 
  • NETFLIX It may not be Netflix for you, it may be watching or going to a movie or even viewing your favourite TV show. Though we all already seem to have enough screen time... Television and Movies always boosts peoples moods. Gives you again, an distraction from everything!
  • READ AND WRITE I'll hype up reading and writing and how beneficial they are time and time again! Just trust me on this one! Grabbing a book or your favourite journal and sitting down to read the pages or write on them is so calming mentally!
  • PAMPER I'm no bath junkie (no offence to those who love baths), but I can appreciate a nice face mask from time to time, or an nice clean and moisturized body! Makes me feel refreshed! I love the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. 

What do you do on your "Me Days"?

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