For the Curly Hair Girls

For years I straightened my hair everyday because I hated my natural hair. I thought it was too puffy and frizzy. But then about two years ago I realized theres ways for me to enhance and embrace my natural hair while still feeling confident. Another plus is that I won't be killing it from straightening it everyday....So for those curly hair girls out there looking for a few tips on having the best curls, keep reading!

Don't brush hair when dry - Just don't do it! Along with the fact that it makes your hair go everywhere, if you brush your hair when it's dry is increases the amount of damage done and creates breakage which can ruin curl pattern. 

Finger comb air or use wide tooth comb when brushing hair - This one goes goes along with the last tip. They say curly hairs enemy is brushes. But personally I don't think it's the brushes that's the problem as much as it is what brushes your using. If you use an wide tooth comb or just finger comb it helps decrease the chance of breakage. I know it hurts a little more and takes a little longer, but your curls with thank you in the long run.  

Sleep with silk hair net or pillow - Some of us are crazy moving sleepers and if your flopping around all night with your hair flying everywhere and rubbing up against your pillows it's not going to do you any good in the frizz department. Wearing the silk cap keeps your hair contained and silk material reduces friction which results in no frizz! 

Apply oils - I've been doing this for years and it really helps! Curly hair is dry and needs lots of nourishment. Whether your using an oil, deep conditioner or mask any moisture is going to be beneficial for those waves. I usually use an argan oil and apply it from around my ears down or all throughout after I finish in the shower. 

Use little to no heat - This has been a life changer for me. Because I was straightening my hair so much before, It was causing a lot more extra frizz. When I would wear it curly those little pieces of broken hair caused by the straighenter would be visible all over my head because it created this dry little broken pieces of hair. 

Scrunch hair  - Also big game changer! After I apply all my products in my hair, I like to go in with a moose, curl cream or just my plain old hands and scrunch those locks. I always flip my hair over and scrunch then stand up and flip my hair over to each side and scrunch some more. I mean just scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. This will help encourage curl pattern and help the shape of your curls. 

Use cotton t shirt to dry hair instead of towel - I heard you shouldn't use towels anyways to dry your hair because it also creates breakage, but if your concerned about frizz! (Once again, I know I'm talking a lot about frizz, but I think that its a curly girl hair struggle that needs some tips) Using an cotton t shirt helps reduce frizz as the regular towels absorb so much moisture and we need all the moisture we can get. They are also a lot more gentle on the hair as thick towels twisting around your head are going to create some tug and pull. 

Do you have any curly hair tips?

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