Keeping in the Moisture

I'll tell you time and time again, but I'm a dry girl. Especially in the winter. I'm dry all year round but the winter brings out a whole new type of dry for my skin. I do have eczema and I'm black so that combination gives you extra dry skin. So I guess you could call me the moisture expert. Or the dry expert... But I wanted to talk about some of my favourite products and lotions that help me with my skin seeing as winter now.


My forever holy grail lip balm will always be the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy. If your using anything other than Vaseline Lip Therapy for your lips your really missing out on the moisture. I've been using this lip balm everyday for probably the past 4 years and haven't found anything better. It adds so much moisture to the lips and the moisture lasts for a long time. Even gives your lips a bit of shine. Do your lips a favour and pick one up. Another thing also about the lip therapy is that it lasts for ages. You need the smallest amount. I don't know how long it lasts but I'd say 6-8 months maybe even longer.


If your close with me you'd know one thing about me is my hands always seem to be dry. I don't know if it's because I wash my hands a lot or that just adds to my natural dryness but they always seem to be ashy. Recently though my hands were feeling dry and I was talking to my mom in her office and home and seen the Glysomed Hand Lotion on her desk. I went in for a squirt and was amazed. The lotion leaves your hands looking glowy and nourishes them even after you've rubbed it in. That sentence may have sounded really dumb to you but that's just the reality of my skin. It felt in the moment that it instantly cured my dryness. It is a little thicker than a regular hand lotion and a bit greasy, but it doesn't take long to sink into the skin. I'm in love!


I don't really have a favourite body lotion as they all just seem to work fine for me. I do love The Body Shop Body Butters. Next to the amazing smells they have I'd say the lotions work great. I use them every time I get out of the shower and in the mornings when I remember.... They last a good amount of time. To be honest I'd just keep buying it because they smell so good but the fact that it's a lotion is a plus. My favourite scents are Wild Argan Oil, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil.


Same as my Vaseline is my holy grail for my lips, my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing + Lotion is my holy grail for my face. You know those Clinique makeup bags full of miniatures that you would get when you spent $30 or more, or something like that? Well anyways, my mom always used to get those when I was younger and I would always love using the mini lipsticks and eyeshadows she gave me. It always comes with a mini Clinique lotion and one day she gave me that too on top of the makeup minis. Ever since that day I can't remember a morning or night where I didn't apply my Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion. It brings a instant look of nourishment to the skin. I find it not too light but not heavy at all and it sinks in very quickly. I apply it under my makeup and works fine and every night before I go to bed!

What's your favourite nourishing products? 

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