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Hey guys, Jay here. If you guys have been reading my blog for a while now you would know I swear by tea tree oil for acne and pimples! It's a miracle worker and I've been using it for years now! Though with my known love for tea tree oil on it's own I wanted to branch out and get some products that had tea tree in them also! So today I'm going to tell you about all my Tea Tree Skincare! Enjoy!

Tea Tree Oil is an anti bacterial so with acne being made of bacteria tea tree oil is the perfect product to get rid of them. First off I'd say 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil, is a must have for me. Just apply a few drops on a cotton swab and apply to the fact after washing on any pimples and works great to help them shrink or even go away. My best friend swears by the Lush Tea Tree Water. It's really just a spray bottle used for a toner when done washing your face! With only using it for a couple weeks I've already seen great results! The spray is first of all, so refreshing to the skin and with only a couple sprays after washing your face it easily diminishes the appearance of any pimples that looked like they were approaching!

Iv'e been wanting to try The Body Shop Tea Tree Range for a bit of time now and with now having it I would say it's so, so. I have the Skin Clearing Facial Wash and Toner. I would say that with these you really do have to pack in the moisture. They are extremely drying to the skin so be careful with using too much! Though one product I do like from the range is the Skin Clearing Targeted Gel. It's pretty much just a spot treatment but it's a gel formula! I think it's worked great. I've applied it to pimples in the night before bed and then in the morning I wake up to it being smaller and even gone! Works great!

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