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Hey guys, Jay here. Out of the many makeup brands there are only so many you can try at a time. I've tried several brands over the years, but there are so many I want to try more from or try in general! Here are some brands I really want to try products from and the products I may want!

Probably the brand I want to try the most! But too bad they don't sell it where I live. Charlotte Tilbury makeup would have to be some of the most luxurious makeup I've seen raved about on blogs and YouTube. Their whole range seems amazing from their buttery shadows to their creamy lipsticks. I might just be tempted to order online!

To Try: Dolce Vita Palette, Eyes to Mesmerise, Cheek to Chic Blush, Color Chameleon

Also a very raved about brand in the beauty world. If Bobbi Brown's makeup are as good as her books I wouldn't doubt for a second they would be bad. I can't see such a amazing and well know makeup artist create bad quality products.

To Try: Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick, Blush, Sheer Lip Color

Going with a more budget friendly brand Kiko would have to be one I would pick. As with Charlotte Tilbury you can't buy Kiko where I live. The brand sounds like such high quality for the price and I couldn't pass up a good bargain or steal!

To Try: Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick, Eyeshadows

What brands do you want to try?

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