Winter Wear Nails

Hey guys, Jay here. With new seasons I don't only change up my makeup, I also change up my nails. I like to switch up the colors depending on the season and today I wanted to tell you guys about them. Enjoy

I love the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish in Vandal Eyes. It is a pretty baby blue shade that adds some color to the nails yet still has a neutral effect. I find blue is a very wintery shade! This is my favorite one! This formula also drys so fast and only needs one coat!

Keeping it neutral I love to wear nude and white shades! I find the nude polishes just add a little to your hands, like a my nails but better kind of look. Great for those of you who aren't crazy about color on the nails. I also love wearing white! It just looks really classy and chic to me!

Lastly I love the whites! Just adds a put together and pretty look to your nails! I love it!
What nail polishes are you wearing?

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