Winter Moisture

Hey guys, Jay here. As the cold air comes out way so does the dry skin. Recently I've found some of my favorite moisturizers for my face, body and hands that I wanted to share with you guys!
My all time favorite face moisturizer has to be the Clinique Moisture Surge. I love the feeling of this lotion when it's on my face. It's such a light formula and sinks in to the skin so quickly giving you moisture through the whole day.

Another favorite would be The Body Shop Body Butters. I love to just slather them on whenever I'm feeling dry or just need a little boost of moisture all over my arms, leg or pretty much anywhere o my body. It's very thick so it is a bit greasy at first, but dries fairly quickly.

I think for this hand lotion it is a bit more expensive, though I got it for a gift so I'm not too sure. All I know is that it works great. The L'Occitane Lavender Hand cream is a life saver when it comes to dry hands. I can always just keep it in my bag and take it around with me. It really nourishes my hands and keep them that way. I has a very light texture and has a nice scent.

What do you use to keep your skin nourished?

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