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Hey guys, Jay here. I was playing around with eyeliner the other day and came up with this look! I think I'll call it the simple and smudged look! Hope you enjoy!
Starting with the "Simple" part of my look. My Jordana Fabuliner, which is a felt tip liner from the drugstore! It has a very pointed tip so I like to create a thin line across the lid. You could make it which ever thickness you would like but I prefer the thinner lines. You can use any liquid or felt tip liner, all you need to do is create the line from your inner corner to the outer corners of your eye.

Next for the "Smudged" part to the look. I use my TIGI Eyeliner, which is a creamy pencil liner. I like to use this one on my lower lash line. I like to make a line underneath the lashes from the outer corner to about the middle or a third of the way across, then taking a small smudger brush and smoking it out. Smoking it out gives a nice smokey look to the eye, and pretty much just adds a little more to that simple thin line.

What liner looks do you like?

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