Eyebrow Routine

Hey guys, Jay here. Lately eyebrows have been the craze. Thankfully God blessed me with full eyebrows and a nice shape, so when it comes to those "On Fleek" eyebrows out of my friends, the price usually goes to me. Today I wanted to tell you guys how I do and maintain my eyebrows. Enjoy!

As I said I have naturally thick eyebrows (perks of being hairy), so I don't really use products on my eyebrows, or fill them in as they are already thick. So I mostly focus on keeping the shape and making sure they are cleaned up.

I do get my brows waxed every few months. I haven't tried that threading business, I like to stick with what I know and like! Between the time I get them waxed I pluck them usually a few times a week or when I notice some stray hairs I take my tweezers out and pluck hairs from underneath the eyebrows and between them.

The hairs usually get a little long, so when they do I take my small trimming scissors and spoolie, brushing up the hairs and cutting them so they are even. Be very careful though if you try this, trimming small areas a time. You don't want to cut away your eyebrows. 

After a few months when the hairs have caught up to me and I can't handle them anymore. I usually go for a wax. The lady I go to waxes above, underneath and between the brows and trims/thins out the front of the brows and throughout them. This process works great for me! This is how I do my brows! 

How do you do yours?

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