Drugstore Disappointments

Hey guys, Jay here. With all the products us beauty bloggers try, not all are bound to be good. I tried a couple eye palettes from the drugstore and sadly they didn't really work to my liking. Today I'm going to tell you guys about them, so enjoy!
I was given this one for a gift from one of my closest friends. I was so excited to try it because it was an all matte palette from the drugstore, and you don't always come across shadows that easily that aren't filled with glitter. This one is the Hard Candy Top Ten Eyeshadow Collection in "Birthday Suit". The first time I swatched it I wasn't overly impressed. The formula was really chalky and dry. It had a bit of pigment but not the kind you want. Once I tried it on my eyes it came out really patchy. The product would have pigment in some places, and in others it wouldn't. I found that if you started to try and blend them they would just blend away. Not impressed I would say, and wouldn't recommend a purchase of this one.

For the second palette it's a Rimmel product. I was a bit sad when the amazing Rimmel disappointed me. The Rimmel Quad in "Royal Tea" was a major thumbs down for me. From first glance of the shadows they look really pretty, but once you use them you will think different. The first downfall was when I swatched them they didn't really have much pigment. They were kind of dry. Once I applied them on my lids the shadows had a weird orange tint to them. They had 0 pigment practically and if there was color it was orangey. Does Rimmel think I like orange eyes? Cause I don't. Again with this palette if you tried to blend them out, they would just blend away. Sadly this one didn't turn out either!

What are your drugstore disappointments?

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