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As much as I despise the fact that I have so much hair on my body, the upside is the hair is also what makes up my brows. Giving me lots to work with and shape in the brows department. They are hard to maintain and I do envy girls who were born with brows that don't grow at all and just stay the same shape. But I realized I have to embrace things about myself whether I like them or not, and once I started getting my brows done, the game changed and I fell in love with my brows. Soon after they became something about myself that I felt confident about. Today I wanted to talk about my brows, and I hope you enjoy.

My brow journey began when I was in elementary school. I'm pretty sure it was in grade 5 or 6, so I think that makes me 10 or 11 years old. After failed razor attempts to kill my unibrow lead to chunks out of my eyebrows the whole unibrow thing was just getting worse and worse as the years went on and the issue needed to be dealt with. So my mom took me to the salon to get them waxed and I was so excited yet so terrified at the same time. I was afraid of it being painful, but seeing my self now when they rip that strip off I don't even twitch, and back then my eyes would be pouring with water. After getting them done for the first time I was so excited, but I only really went every few months or so. I didn't maintain them at all, so they would pretty much be perfect for a week but after that they would start to grow back and go back to my crazy brows. I hate looking back at photos from my junior high days of when my brows were all grown in. I mean no hate on the bushy brow look at all, it just wasn't cute for me. 

As the years when on I started keeping up with them more and started picking up my tweezers to keep them looking crisp until it got too much for me to handle and I would make an appointment to get them done. I go to the same woman every time and I love how she does my brows! She usually waxes then underneath, on top, and in the middle then trims then down because I have the kind of brows that like to grow in length upward. I do also like threading, she has done it an couple times and I enjoy how it doesn't leave my brows all red afterwards or leave an clear strip along my eyebrows that makes it clear I just had them done. 

On to the routine! Because my eyebrows are already so full I don't fill them in at all. I wouldn't even know where to start if you asked me to do so. Apart from getting them waxed or threaded I maintain them using four little tools. Tweezers, eyebrow scissors, eyebrow razor and spoolie brush. For my tweezers, I've had the same pair for probably 5 years or so now. They're just average Revlon tweezers you can find at the drugstore, they aren't special. I tend to just pluck any strays underneath and in between my brows every few days too keep them under control.  Then I follow up with this small eye brow razor I got from Marshalls or Winners and line up the tops to keep them looking crisp. Going back to the annoying aspect of my brows that is that they grow upwards at the fronts, I brush up all the hairs using my spoolie brush and trim them down so they're much more even at the front and along the tail. Be careful though with this step! It's so easy to cut off too much, leaving your brows looking completely uneven. It's happened more than once trust me. 

What is your eyebrow routine!?

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