Nail Art: Yin and Yang

Hey guys, Jay here. I recently tried out my new nail art kit, and thought I would show you guys what I did and the polishes and brush I used to make it.

The nail design I tried out was Yin and Yang. I used a black and white nail polish and a the small detailed brush that came in the Sally Hansen Nail Art Kit. You could use any color you would like though and it would still look great.

 I painted my nails with the Sinful Colors white nail polish in Snow me White, and the Revlon black nail polish in Black Magic. I painted my ring figure with the white polish, and all my other nails with the black polish.

For the Yin and Yang sign I used this small detailed brush and traced the Yin side, otherwise known as the black side and filled it with the black. Then drew a black circle on the Yang side, otherwise known as the white side and drew a white circle on the black side.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and try it out. If you guys would like me to do more of these nail art posts leave a comment.

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