Best Budget Crease Brush

Hey guys, Jay here. Today I'm going to be talking to you guys about my favorite crease brush for a budget. I hope you guys enjoy.
My favorite part of doing my eye shadow is defining
the crease and giving your eye depth and contour, or really just to give your look a more intense
feel. My favorite brush to define my crease with is my Real Techniques Base shadow brush. Not only is this brush amazing, but it is also a budget buy, well sort of. Real Techniques brushes are drugstore/lower end makeup brushes and are great, especially for the price. Though with this particular brush you can only purchase it in a set of other eye brushes, which is the Real Techniques Starter Kit. This does kind of bulk up the price a bit more, but the brushes are all incredible so it's worth it.

The Real Techniques Base shadow brush is a amazing quality brush and is super soft. The brush is  more tapered which helps to get the eye shadow directly into the outer crease giving your look a softer finish but still yet intense, which is beautiful. The brush is fluffy, but not overly fluffy so you can get a more precise and pigmented contour with the eye shadow, and if the color is too bold then you can easily blend it out with a fluffy crease brush for a more natural and soft effect. The great thing about this brush is if you would like a more dramatic eye look you can put more product on the brush or keep building it up in the outer crease, or if you are more going for a natural effect you can tap off any access product and if that's still to dramatic the you can blend it out with a fluffy crease brush, like I explained before 

Well that's all for today guys! Hope you liked it.

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