Holy Grail Lip Balm

Hey guys, Jay here. Today I'm going to be talking to you guys about my HOLY GRAIL lip balm or chap, whatever you like to call it. I hope you enjoy!
My absolute holy grail lip balm over all has to be the Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter. First  of all it's extremely cheap. It's not even $2.00, and it's amazing. Make sure you get the one that's Cocoa Butter because just in my personal preference out of this one and the Original Lip Therapy this one is better, it contains cocoa butter it is even more moisturizing, because cocoa butter is such a moisturizing oil, and because cocoa butter smells absolutely amazing!

The Vaseline Lip Therapy is an awesome product because it really just moisturizes your lips great, fast and stays. Once you apply the balm on your lips they almost instantly start to feel better then they were before, and in no time your lips are not chapped and completely moisturized. I know that the Blistex lip chaps are horrible in my experience, because when you apply them to your lips they fell as if they are being moisturized so well, but in reality they actually dry out your lips way more than they actually moisturize them. I'm not going to get into to much detail on that subject but my actual point is that the Vaseline lip balm don't dry out your lips, hey actually keep them nourished and uncapped for a while. Though this product is not going to make have to never apply a lip balm ever again. I don't think any product will can do that. I mean your lips can always get chapped again from no moisture in the air like in winter, or if your lips are just naturally dry.

In conclusion this product is HOLY GRAIL status, and is the best lip balm for your lips I have personally ever tried, especially for people who frequently get dry lips because I know I do!

I hope you liked this! Bye

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