Speeding up the Pimple Process

Just like I'm sure all of you do, I HATE PIMPLES. And dumb old me always likes to pick at them leaving ugly little dark marks around my face that take months to fade. You'd think I'd learn my lesson by now, but if you seen my chin lately you'd see a cute little brown spot from an pimple I popped last week! Oh the joys of hormones! Though I'm not the skin expert, actually I'm not an skin expert at all!!! So maybe you shouldn't even be listening to my tips, but I have a few tricks on how to speed up the pimple process and get rid of those nasty suckers ASAP!


I learned this tip years ago! Whenever I'm breaking out really bad or have a spot that just doesn't want to budge I steam my face. Theres three ways you could really do this!

1) First you could actually steam your face. Grab and towel and start by boiling some water using your kettle or in a pot on the stove, and fill it up all the way. Then take a huge mixing bowl, and make sure to use the largest you've got! Then once the water is finished boiling I pour the water into the bowl. Crazy right, nobody could have guess that one. Now get on to steaming. I tend to tie my hair back and put on some type of head band to keep my hair out of my face. T start steaming I usually set an timer for about 5 minutes and once it's set I stick my face over the bowl and place the towel over my head to keep in the steam. It's going to be very hot I will warn you, but once it's done you'll be amazed at the difference it makes in your skin over night.PS. your going to look like an lobster after so I'd recommend doing it at night.

2) If your not crazy about the whole "sticking your face over an hot steaming bowl of boiling hot water idea", I've got an alternative for you! When your in the shower and are just about done, turn the temperature up just a little bit so it's noticeably hotter and let it run over your face for a minute or so. Once you get out of the shower turn your tap on full blast to let it warm up. When you notice that the waters temperature is visibly hotter then soak your face cloth up and place it over your face and let it sit for a minute. I tend to do the steaming part this way if I don't have enough time to get all lobster like for the evening.


If I'm really struggling in the skin department it doesn't hurt to apply a little mask before bed or spot treatment. Or even if your not that spotty at all and just want a little pick me up. Whatever works you know. But for real, face masks and spot treatments can be life savers. I don't know what crazy magic they put in these products, but to be honest I don't really care if it's killing those nasty spots on my face! I love the Lush Mask of Magnaminty. My best friend Maddy actually recommended to me a while back and whenever my face is having a little freak out I apply the mask for a few nights in a row and it seems to fix the problem real quick. Though if we are talking about things that solve problems real quick.. please pick up Tea Tree Oil. I've sworn by this product for years now and it never lets me down. If I've got an pimple, I use it. If I pop a pimple, I use it. If a pimples coming, I use it. It's just honestly amazing! Whenever my brother has a few spots on his face he always rushes to ask me if he can use some of my Tea Tree Oil, its hilarious.

What do you do to speed up the pimple proccess?

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