Little Ways to Improve Your Days

I feel like as humans we are always wanting to be better and want to improve ourselves. Or at least that's how I feel. I really do value growth for myself and others and I think it's really important for your mental health, or even growth in your physical health is important. We all want to be healthy do we not? We all want to feel good! Today I wanted to talk about a few ways to improve your day that may help you improve your overall health!


I do attend Church, so prayer is an large aspect of my life. I find praying and letting your thoughts out to God is a way of relaxing, taking things off your mind and it helps me feel more calm as my worries seem to be taken care of. (Even though they may not be) I am aware though that not everyone has a belief in God, so instead of prayer, meditation could be a great option for you. Especially because we are all so busy. Just like how prayer helps keep me calm, meditation is known to keep people calm. Which totally makes sense because your clearing and creating peace for your mind. It's not for everyone though! If your not really up for prayer or meditation I think just taking at least a few minutes to reflect in peace alone is beneficial.


I know its hard to keep up with, (well for me it is) but journalling is so helpful. I've probably mentioned before but I'm the kind of person to keep all my thoughts and feelings on the inside, and I'm not always so vocal on how I feel. So putting your thoughts on paper can be such a good outlet for yourself so your negative or even positive thoughts can be let out. (It's also so fun to look back on old journal entries and see what you were thinking in the past) Journaling can also help you reflect on things in your life and see how things are and aren't working for you or they can help you appreciate the things and people around you. 


If you ask any of my family or close friends how much water I drank or how many times I went to the washroom to pee they wouldn't be able to tell you. People usually say to drink something like 8 cups of water a day. Well I'll tell you I drink much more than that. I mean don't think I'm crazy, I don't drink too much water but I just find it really helps cleanse my system and make me feel so much better. I really would recommend trying to drink maybe at least 3 water bottles a day. It so great for your body for things like your digestive systems, cleaning out toxins and just giving hydration.


Going along with things you put in your body, we all know that it's important to eat your fruits and veggies. I mean my parents have engraved it in my brain from hearing it growing up at the dinner table. It's not a lie when people talk about how eating healthy foods actually makes you feel better. My body honestly feels such of a difference between if I were to eat a salad over if I were to eat a big thing of fries. Even mentally I feel better. There's tons of great vitamins in fruits and veggies, and with my experience eating them gives me more energy and helps me stay focused.


I know how easy it is to just curl up on your couch and watch Netflix all day without talking to anyone, but doing it all the time isn't really that good for you. Our society has greatly turned to social media for their entertainment and communication with others. I do think though it's so so so essential to engage in conversations, spend quality face to face time and make relationships with others. Even if your just asking someone how they're days going or maybe ask them a few questions about themselves, your going to feel so much better because your learning and talking with others, and they will feel better because you are engaged in their lives.

How do you improve your days?

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