Makeup Prep

Hey guys, Jay here. With applying makeup you don't only have to apply it but prep for it! Everyday I have a small routine I do to prep my face for makeup and today I'm going to tell you guys about it! Enjoy!

To start I was my face with a basic cleanser or exfoliator. Just something to get rid of any dirt and oil on the skin so I can start with a clean base! I use the Clean and Clear Deep Action Exfoliator.


After stripping all the oils from my face by washing it, I need to add some moisture back to my skin to nourish and brighten the skin for the day! Applying a moisturizer also is said to act as a primer to help prolong your makeup! I use the Nivea Nourishing Day Cream.


Before I start doing my makeup officially and putting my hands all over my face, I make sure my hands are clean! Weather I wash them in the sink or use a hand sanitizer I always make sure my hands aren't dirty! This will prevent breakouts especially!

How do you prep your skin for makeup?

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