Eye Makeup Method #2

Hey guys, Jay here. I say it all the time, but I love doing my eye makeup! So as I was brainstorming the other night for post ideas I remember that I had done a Eye Makeup Method #1 before and never done a #2. So today, that's what I'm going to do! Enjoy.

Do you guys ever apply your eyeshadow with your brush, and by the time you put it all over your lid it doesn't have much color and pigment as you had before you blended it out or put it all over the lid? Well I sure do!

Onto the tip! My eye makeup method is to apply your lid color all over your lid with your finger tips, and pat it onto the lid for more pigment and color pay off. By using your fingers, the pigment of the shadow is pressed onto your finger tips instead of with a brush the pigment is scattered over the brush. I love using this tip when I'm going for a more bold look. Don't get me wrong, brushes work great for getting lots of pigment, but when I'm going for a look with more of a pop or using shadows that aren't as pigmented this tip is great!

Do you have any tips?

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