5 Things I Wish My Younger Self Had

Hey guys, Jay here. I know I'm still young and can't really say things I wish my younger self had, as I'm still young and haven't been doing my makeup and things for ages. Though I thought I would try anyway. So today (Like the title says), I am going to make a list of some things that I wish my younger self had! Enjoy

1. Cleanser- My skin wasn't even that bad, but those odd pimples could have been treated with.

2. Moisturizer- I'm a dry girl, and now as I'm older if my face is dry I can't stand the feel. I can't imagine to know what my skin would feel like when I didn't moisturize. I feel like my dryness could be better if I used it at a younger age!

3. Lip Balm- Same with moisturizer, my lips are so dry all year around and they could have been helped if I had just put on some Vaseline or something.

4. Tea Tree Oil- Those nasty pimples I was talking about could have been gone, just if I had the amazing solution of Tea Tree Oil.

5- Straightener- I can't believe I went with my hair looking like it did as a child. Was I crazy? Because I wasn't looking too cute with that hair do.

What do you wish you had?

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